Protection Plans For your Devices and appliances

Protection Plans For your Devices and appliances

Let's admit it: our smartphones and mobile devices are as much a part of our lives as our cars, homes, and even our family!  


And with new connected devices on the rise, we are more vulnerable to their loss and damage.


We've decided to provide peace of mind to homeowners and the 67% of smartphone users who worry about the damage that might happen to their devices.


With 5Devices, you can now get protection for your smartphones, home appliances, your Internet Of Things (IoT), your TVs – and any other gadget you care about – right on your smart phone.


With 5devices, you can buy a protection plan for all the devices that are important to you. We also offer extended warranty plans so you never have to worry about being without your devices if they break down.


Let us understand what exactly a protection plan is.

Product protection plans go by many names: product service plans, extended service contracts, extended warranties, and more. No matter what they’re called, they all refer to the same type of offering: a service plan that provides consumers with product coverage beyond a standard manufacturer warranty.

Protection plans typically offer coverage for unexpected product issues, including defects, malfunctions, and accidents. The time period is often longer than what is covered by a warranty.

This is particularly helpful for taking care of costly replacements and repairs is any issue comes up.

These plans come at an additional cost but with 5Devices you can be sure that you got every penny covered!

For products, there are different forms of protection plans. They are:

Replacement Plan – These protection plans work well with everyday items that may be relatively low in price. For instance, it’s easier to replace a damaged Bluetooth speaker rather than trying to repair it.

Repair Plan - These service contracts are for items whose value is greater than the cost of labor. It makes more sense to repair a Smart TV rather than replace it.

Simple Product Protection – These service contracts allow for a little more customization. They often extend the duration of manufacturer warranty and may even expand coverage options. These plans kick in after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Accidental Damage from Handling Protection Plan – These plans protect against damage from drops and spills, water damage and other accidental damage to appliances or devices.


5Devices is an established leader in device protection, helping thousands of people protect their devices against damage with our extended warranty plans.


This means that if your mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it and reimburse you as per the plan taken.

Statistics reveal that a staggering 5761 phone screens crack every hour!! This estimates to over 50 million phone screens every year! Now that’s quite a number!! The average cost of replacing a smartphone or tablet is $250.

This is precisely why everyone should have their devices protected. With a 5devices protection plan, you can protect against loss, theft, accidental damage and other issues at about half the cost of most other plans.

With 5devices you'll find the best device protection plans for your home. Whether it's a refrigerator or an iPhone, you'll always have a trusted partner to help protect your devices. The device protection plans offered by 5devices are easy to buy and can be delivered straight to your door. With the widest selection of IoT device protection plans, smartphone protection plans, Smart TV Protection plans and appliance protection plans, 5devices is the perfect partner for home devices.

If you have questions about the best protection for you, contact our team for device-specific recommendations. We will be happy to assist.




  1. What’s a protection plan?

# A protection plan is a contract between you i.e. the insured and the plan provider like 5Devices. It covers expenses for accidental damage or malfunctions in Smart phones, appliances like Smart TV, Smart Refrigerators, or other internet connected devices.

  1. What are the different types of protection plans?

# There are different types of protection plans as per the coverage offered. It might be a repair plan, a replacement plan, a simple device protection plan or a plan for accidental damage from handling.

  1. What is the difference between protection plan and warranty?

# A manufacturer's warranty will only cover defective parts, pre-existing at the time of purchase whereas extended protection plans will cover issues that come up from normal product use and handling.

  1. What does a protection plan cover?

# A protection plan covers accidental screen breakage, water damage, hardware or software damage and loss due to theft. 5Devices offers comprehensive plans to get all your devices covered from all such issues.

  1. Do protection plans cover phone cracked screens?

# The answer is Yes, they do! Now no more stressing over damaged phone screens. It will be replaced at no extra cost other than what you have paid for the plan. Easy-peasy!

  1. Are protection plans worth it?

# Most definitely yes! No one can predict when and what can happen to your devices. They might malfunction without a reason whatsoever, or you might drop that premium phone you recently bought. For easing all such worries, device protection plans are a must.

  1. Which company offers the best protection plan?

# Look no further… 5devices is here to help you protect yourself from life's little mishaps with tablet and laptop protection, TV insurance and smartphone insurance plans. You can cover 5 of your internet connected devices for the price of 1 and that too just for $14.99