Frequently Asked Questions

How many connected devices are in your home?

Covered Products are any item meant for home use directly hooked to the internet per the 5devices I.O.T (internet of things) Services Agreement. This includes smartphones, smart televisions, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles and wireless controllers, home security cameras, smart thermostats, printers, and more.

  • Technical Assistance. We know the biggest issue with so many connected devices is people don’t know how to hook them up to the “system” or maybe can’t just get them to work.
  • Accidental Damage from Handling
  • Mechanical or Electronic Breakdowns
  • In-home or onsite service fees for big items like flat panels.

Homeowners and renters typically only cover for ‘perils’ like fire, vandalism and theft. 5devices protects against accidental damage or mechanical breakdowns where your insurance plan will not.

Unfortunately not. Check your renters’ or homeowners’ policy for lost or stolen coverage.

This means a mechanical or electrical failure of Your covered product to perform its fundamental operation(s) in normal service.

This means a single, unexpected, sudden and unintentional event causing the item to break while in use that renders it unsafe or impossible to use, and does not include accumulated damage from continual or multiple events.

The maximum payout per twelve month period is $2,500 per plan.


Yes. Unlike other protection programs, 5devices protection plans contemplate multiple phones.

Unfortunately, pre-existing issues are not covered. Better get protected now so that when an issue does arise, we are able to help!

On the thirty-first day after enrollment.

Yes. 5devices plans cover devices up to three years old.

Yes. We just need documentation to establish your ownership.

Adding and removing registered devices is done through your account portal. This can be accessed 27/7 via secure login and provided to you upon sign-up for a 5devices protection plan.

You may still be covered. However, for a hassle free experience we encourage you to register devices that have proof of ownership and age.

In nearly all devices, navigating to Settings>About will get you to the right place. For larger devices, like televisions, the serial number can generally be found on the back of the product.

Yes! Please email us at with the subject line Group Discount and we will be happy to help.

5devices bills on the anniversary date (monthly or annually) of the activation date of your protection plan.

Payment settings can be updated here. You can also call us at 844-ANY-FIVE (844-269-3483) and we will be happy to help you directly.

It's simple! Just call us at 844-ANY-FIVE (844-269-3483) or send us an email to to stop your protection.

It's simple! Just call our plan administrator Ensure Protect at 888-IOT-2-FIX (888-468-2349), send an email to to start the claims process.

This depends on the nature of the claim and your location. In many cases we are able to resolve repairs or replacements in just a day or two.

Yes! Quality counts. So whenever possible, 5devices uses repair partners that exclusively use OEM parts for repair.